#EducationUSA: The U.S. Embassy Nigeria Is Seeking For Academically Qualified Low-Income Nigerian Students. Details Below

 The U.S. Embassy Nigeria is seeking for academically qualified low-income Nigerian students who are good candidates for financial assistance from U.S. colleges and universities but lack the financial resources to cover the cost of obtaining admission.     There are many determined and talented, low-income students in Nigeria who only require financial resources and access to information to better their educational future. For the 11th year, the United States Embassy, Nigeria seeks to identify academically qualified and highly motivated, low-income students in Nigeria to join the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP). OFP’s mission is to assist talented and determined, low-income students who are good candidates for financial assistance from U.S. colleges and universities but lack the financial resources to cover the up-front cost of obtaining admission. OFP works closely with students through regularly scheduled meetings and seminars to assist them throughout the application process to secure admission and scholarships to attend colleges and universities in the United States. OFP finances the cost of the application process, including registration fees for required standardized examinations and provides free membership to the U.S. EducationUSA Advising Center for its participants. OFP expects a sincere commitment from the students to give their energy and time to the program so that they may achieve their dreams of study in the United States. Applicants are welcome from all the states in Nigeria. However, students must be able to reach our offices in Abuja or Lagos on a monthly basis during the program for full participation. Participants will work with our EducationUSA Advisors from June 2017 – August 2018 to try to secure places and financial assistance to begin study in the U.S. in August 2018.                                                                                                                   NOTE: ENTRANCE INTO THIS PROGRAM IS NO GUARANTEE OF A SCHOLARSHIP OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO STUDY IN THE U.S.   

OFP is accepting applications from prospective undergraduates and graduate students.
Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting an electronic undergraduate or graduate application form.
The selection of finalists for OFP is highly competitive, given limited funding. We look for applicants with:
1. Strong academic record/ transcript
2. Robust participation in extracurricular activities
3. Involvement in leadership roles
4. Excellent community service participation
5. Financial Need
NOTE:  Undergraduate Applicants– If WAEC results are not available; the student must be currently in SS3. If WAEC results are available, they must be from May/June WAEC.
Students who have already started a University education are NOT eligible to apply.
Complete Application Form
Just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting an application form which is in PDF format. Fill out the document and send as an attachment to our email.
Academic Results:
Undergraduate Applicants– Attach a copy of your WAEC “O” Level results (from WAEC website).  Include Cambridge A’Level or IGSCE results if applicable or available.
Graduate Applicants– Attach a copy of your Final year results and degree results (if available) First Class only (STEM majors preferred).
Letters of recommendation:
Undergraduate Applicants: Request a teacher or your school principal to complete a letter of recommendation form, attesting to your character, talent and skills. Please do not include a basic testimonial that does not talk about you as an individual.
Graduate Applicants: Provide the details of a lecturer, professor, or Head of Department (HOD) that we can contact to find out more about you.
Undergraduate Applicants: Send a scanned copy of your transcript from JS1 to SS3 including your mock and first term results, if possible.
Graduate Applicants– Send a scanned copy of your transcripts that show a GPA of 4.5 or above on a 5.0 scale. 
Write two essays, one from Group A and one from Group B, each of about 250– 300 words. The essay topics will be on the application form you receive. (Essay topics will be found on the form)
Send a scanned copy of any relevant supplementary certificates of achievement
NOTE: Please send all documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as attachments with proper titles e.g. “Femi King Transcript”, “Femi King WAEC” etc
Abuja Address:
EducationUSA Advising Center
Public Affairs Section
Embassy of the United States of America
Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive
Central District Area, Abuja.
Tel: 09-4614251; 09-4614241
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lagos Address:
EducationUSA Advising Center
Public Affairs Section
U.S. Consulate General
2, Walter Carrington Crescent,
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: 01-4603801; 01-4603803
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Research Team At The Micheal Okpara University Of Agriculture, Abia State Claims They Have Found The Cure To HIV, AIDS

A research team at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State led by Prof. Maduike Ezeibe has been able to prove that Medicinal Synthetic Aluminium-magnesium Silicate (MSAMS), which it developed, can cure HIV/AIDS.

The result of the clinical trial of the antiretroviral efficacy of MSAMS in male and female HIV/AIDS patients was published in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 18 (11):1-7, 2016; Article no BJMMR.29018.

It was also among the papers presented last Wednesday at the World Virology Conference 2016 held at Texas, U.S. Though Ezeibe could not attend the conference because of his inability to raise money for his flight tickets, the organisers insisted that he sent a video presentation, which was played and applauded at the conference.

Speaking with journalists at the weekend on the apparent lukewarm attitude of Nigeria’s health authorities to his medical breakthrough, the professor of Veterinary Medicine said that since 2014 when he was issued with the national patent right (Ref. No. NG/P/2012/639, 2014) no further step had been taken to commercialise it or get the international patent right by Nigeria.

“We Africans lack confidence in ourselves,” he lamented, adding that the medicine that he had discovered to have antiretroviral properties is an old medicine which had been in use.

“The only science we did is that we discovered that it has charges – negative and positive and since HIV has positive charges, the MSAMS use its negative charges to attract and destroy HIV,” he said.

He said that HIV/AIDS had remained incurable because of the small size of the virus and immune deficiency it causes hence any anti-retroviral medicine that could effectively tackle the problem must be smaller (nano-particles).

According to him, particles of HIV could be as small as 110nm which was why they easily crossed physiological barriers to ‘hide’ in cells of the brain, bone marrow and testes, which existing antiretroviral medicines with bigger molecules could not reach.

Ezeibe explained: “HIV destroys lymphocytes (immune cells that clear infections from organs that are inaccessible to medicines. So, nothing was known that could terminate its infections (and) for that the infection was said to be in ‘sanctuary’.”

The professor reasoned that since Aluminum-magnesium Silicate (AMS) molecular platelets (nanoparticles) are smaller (0.96nm) than HIV, the nanoparticles cross physiological barriers to act on all body cells.

But the snag was that AMS is not found as mineral deposits in Nigeria whereas there are large deposits of Aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate in the country both of which are used as medicines for treatment of animal and human diseases.

So in order to get a purer form of AMS, Ezeibe reacted the two medicinal minerals (Aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate) and the Aluminum magnesium silicate was born, the synthetic medicine that has now been proved to cure HIV/AIDS.

“We are using medicine that is so small that wherever HIV goes it can get there, catch it and destroy it,” he assured.

The efficacy of Ezeibe’s synthetic medicine is already generating interest among medical doctors and those that were involved in the clinical trial have already joined his research team after using the drug to treat their patients with astonishing results.

Interestingly, on the day Ezekiel’s research breakthrough was being presented at the world Virology Conference in Texas, he was also making a presentation before the Senate of MOUAU.

It is now expected that the university authorities would take up the advocacy to recognise and commercialise this important breakthrough in medical science by a Nigerian.

Culled from Reports Afrique



NNPC Addresses Nigerians Over Its Alleged Recruitment Exercise

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has once again called on members of the public to disregard any announcement of recruitment or invitation to recruitment interview as it is not carrying out any recruitment exercise at the moment.

The disclaimer, the third in recent times, is coming on the heels of recurrent fraudulent vacancy announcements on various social media platforms purporting to have emanated from the Corporation.

“We are constrained to announce, once again, that NNPC is not recruiting at the moment. Members of the public are, therefore, advised to disregard any vacancy announcement on any online or social media platform as they are the handiwork of fraudsters intent on fleecing innocent Nigerians”, the Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu stated.

Shedding more light on the method of operation of the fake job syndicate, the NNPC explained that the group deploys various means ranging from text messages, vacancy announcement on social media platforms and forged letters inviting gullible job seekers for non-existing job interviews with a view to extorting money from them.

“To this end, we wish to once again appeal to members of the public, particularly unsuspecting applicants, to be wary of fraudulent vacancy announcements or invitations for job interviews at the NNPC Towers. Anyone who entertains such invitations or deals with peddlers of such invitation does so at his or her own risk,’’ the NNPC stated.

The Corporation advised that anyone contacted for the purpose of the purported recruitment other than through advertisement duly placed by the Corporation in national newspapers, should not hesitate to report such invitations to relevant law enforcement agencies. It also pledged to continue to report and engage security agencies on such matters.

The statement further emphasized the determination of the NNPC Management under the leadership of Dr. Maikanti Baru to sustain the prevailing gale of transparency and accountability which has witnessed the conduct of open public bidding in sourcing for contractors and suppliers of goods and services for its day-to-day operations, including recruitment exercises.
Ndu Ughamadu
Group General Manger
Group Public Affairs Division,
NNPC, Abuja.
May 5, 2017.


Actress, Mercy Aigbe has alleged that her husband is conniving with police officers to evade justice after breaking her skull.

     Mercy Aigbe, has made public more evidence of domestic violence she suffered in the hands of her husband, Lanre Gentry.
The latest revelation was made on her Instagram post as she hinted that her husband broke her skull during a recent fight. She further alleged that her husband is trying to run away from justice and conniving with the Police to rob her of justice.
Mercy also posted a picture of her in the hospital when Gentry allegedly broke her skull. The actress further said though she had been advised to keep silent, she was scared for her life.
Mercy wrote:
"Why will a man who claims to love you, beat you to the extent of breaking your skull?………wat was my crime?@asiwajulanregentry you have to tell the world what my crime was?…… Now you are on the run!……. trying to connive with the police so I won’t get justice!!!!!!!……
Lanre you can run but you can’t hide, you can tell all the LIES in this world but trust me at the end of it all the TRUTH will prevail and I will get Justice…….
People keep saying I shouldn’t talk and that I should think of our child………. but you keep threatening to kill me, why I don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!….. Now that you are conniving with the police I don’t feel safe and I have to cry out!………..
We were supposed to be in court this morning and you lied that you are on Admission and can’t be in court!
@asiwajulanregentry you on admission? God you can never stop LYING……..then again I ask you why are you afraid to come to court?

The Dangers of High Level of Energy Drink Consumption to Your Health - Doctor

An Ilorin, Kwara State-based medical practitioner, Dr. Ayobami Olanrewaju, has said that excessive consumption of energy drinks could, among other things, cause palpitations and high blood pressure in consumers. Olanrewaju said this in Ilorin, on Wednesday, that youths should be wary of disproportionate intake of energy drinks as it was capable of damaging their health.


According to him, ‘‘The rate at which youths now consume energy drinks is worrisome and calls for attention. Energy drinks are high in caffeine and they change the way the heart beats, which can increase the risk of potentially fatal heart rhythm problems.

‘‘Usually, energy drinks contain taurine and caffeine as their main pharmacological ingredients and the amount of caffeine is up to three times higher than in other caffeinated beverages like coffee or cola. And, there are many side effects known to be associated with a high intake of caffeine, including rapid heart rate, palpitations, rise in blood pressure and, in the most severe cases, seizures or even death,” Olanrewaju said.

He also warned that people known with heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias) should try as much as possible to avoid energy drinks because changes could trigger crisis. He stated that mixing energy drinks with alcoholic drinks was even more harmful than taking it alone.


‘‘This is because alcohol intake can increase heart beat rate, so mixing it with energy drink could compound the problem,” he added.


Easter is the new Christmas


I’m driving home for Easter, can’t wait to see some faces. I’m glad that every year, I manage to go home instead of staying with my friends over this beautiful holiday.

I grew up always looking forward to the Christmas holidays, now I dread it. During the Christmas holidays the shopping malls are jammed, Cinemas are full, the beach is crowded, restaurants are full, clubs and resorts are devoid of relaxation. Besides longer stretches of traffic jam everywhere you go, Malls seem to hike their prices to cater for demand.

For me Easter is the new Christmas; not only is it peaceful and spiritually fulfilling, it creates the best family moment ever.

Easter starts with my ride back to Accra, on Friday morning. I expect to breeze through the city without any traffic stops along the highway (not the case on Christmas holidays).


Top 5 Must Try Foods in Ghana

Get ready to pick yourself up, enjoy your tours and enjoy the best of Ghanaian food. Food might not be listed as one of the main reasons for travelling to Ghana. However, take your time to explore the best of Ghanaian food in Restaurants and Hotels around you.

There are many dishes in Ghana that you can't find anywhere else, or at least they don't just taste as good. We are talking original, one of kind Ghanaian dishes that is a special in comparison to other African dishes.

Virtually all the regions of Ghana offer their own culinary special, the menu is long, but we managed to trim it down to five Ghanaian dishes you must try out.


When tourist thinks of food in Ghana, without question the first thing that comes to mind is the Chichinaga. This delicacy is one of Ghana’s choice street food. It draws some similarity with the Nigerian Suya, however the Chichinaga beats the Suya hands down.

Chichinaga is made up of cuts of spiced and peppered beef. It is usually served with rice, salad, plantain and Vegetables.


A common corn meal in Ghana, Banku is starchy food. Banku is made from grated Cassava and fermented corn. Other ingredients


Sightseeing in Ghana

You certainly cannot go on a Ghana vacation without doing some sightseeing. This is in fact one of the most stated reasons for visiting Ghana. The country has a rich culture and a rich history. All over Ghana are historic buildings, museums, monuments and a variety of places to visit that will make your Ghana vacation a wonderful experience.

If you are a savvy sightseer you may be able to arrange to experience the sight and sounds of Ghana by yourself. You may however want to consider having everything arranged by someone else because you don't want to miss any of the important places and you will benefit greatly from a guided tour. Ghana has several sightseeing agencies that offer tours for visitors to most cities. The typical Guided tours will follow a pre-set route through a city or town during your Ghana vacation. These guides provide a wealth of information to visitors, are fluent in English and are available for questions.

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