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Sightseeing in Ghana Featured

Sightseeing in Ghana

You certainly cannot go on a Ghana vacation without doing some sightseeing. This is in fact one of the most stated reasons for visiting Ghana. The country has a rich culture and a rich history. All over Ghana are historic buildings, museums, monuments and a variety of places to visit that will make your Ghana vacation a wonderful experience.

If you are a savvy sightseer you may be able to arrange to experience the sight and sounds of Ghana by yourself. You may however want to consider having everything arranged by someone else because you don't want to miss any of the important places and you will benefit greatly from a guided tour. Ghana has several sightseeing agencies that offer tours for visitors to most cities. The typical Guided tours will follow a pre-set route through a city or town during your Ghana vacation. These guides provide a wealth of information to visitors, are fluent in English and are available for questions.


It is important you locate the most important sights before you take off. So where do most people go to when they are on a Ghanaian Vacation?

When you go beyond the coast of Ghana, you will find out that the land is as charming as its Ocean Views. Traveling on road, you can visit the Aburi Botanical gardens that boast of a sanctuary of nature. The Garden has a canopy walkway that allows visitors to have a panoramic view of the vegetation as well as the animals including exotic kinds of birds and monkeys.

If you desire adrenaline rush activities, you can book a safari tour at the Ghana Mole park, go trekking Mount Afadja, go  fishing  canoeing or sailing on the Volta river.

Tourists with interest in the heritage and culture of Ghana get to see the Cape Coast Castle, the Fort St. Jago structure and the Elmina Castle.

Ghana sounds great; you however need to be well prepared flying off for your adventure. Things you need to sort out include:

- Accommodation: Some of Ghana’s Best Hotels are located on the coastline of Ghana; Axim beach hotel and the Biriwa Beach Hotel which can be found in a small fishing village called Biriwa are example of 5 star accommodations in Ghana.  

- Transportation: Flying into Ghana is usually through the Kotoka International Airport, this Accra Airport receives direct flight from most Capital cities of the World. When moving with town you may hire a cab for a more personal experience or make use of the trotro mini buses to get around.

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