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Easter is the new Christmas Featured

Easter is the new Christmas


I’m driving home for Easter, can’t wait to see some faces. I’m glad that every year, I manage to go home instead of staying with my friends over this beautiful holiday.

I grew up always looking forward to the Christmas holidays, now I dread it. During the Christmas holidays the shopping malls are jammed, Cinemas are full, the beach is crowded, restaurants are full, clubs and resorts are devoid of relaxation. Besides longer stretches of traffic jam everywhere you go, Malls seem to hike their prices to cater for demand.

For me Easter is the new Christmas; not only is it peaceful and spiritually fulfilling, it creates the best family moment ever.

Easter starts with my ride back to Accra, on Friday morning. I expect to breeze through the city without any traffic stops along the highway (not the case on Christmas holidays).


I try to find out which member of my crew is back in town, on getting home. That’s because Friday night is about hang out with old friends.

On Easter Saturdays I rediscover Accra, with my siblings. We ride out to Bojo beach, watch a movie or two at the Cinemas and end the day in a hotel Spa close to home.

Easter Sunday is the Zenith of this holiday. It features the Easter Church Service in the morning and the traditional family lunch.

It's always nice to have our family around the same table, to have lunch and talk. My mum never ceases to put up a challenge every year, another futile attempt to fill us up to last the year.    

Our Easter regular is made up of Chichinaga, Banku, salad, fresh greens and Jollof rice.

From that table, we could all travel down memory lane and appreciate the joy of family.

By Monday morning, I’d probably be on my way back to my station in Kumasi. You can bet I’d be smiling throughout the trip; being inspired and fully charged to take on the year.


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