Top 5 Must Try Foods in Ghana Featured

Top 5 Must Try Foods in Ghana

Get ready to pick yourself up, enjoy your tours and enjoy the best of Ghanaian food. Food might not be listed as one of the main reasons for travelling to Ghana. However, take your time to explore the best of Ghanaian food in Restaurants and Hotels around you.

There are many dishes in Ghana that you can't find anywhere else, or at least they don't just taste as good. We are talking original, one of kind Ghanaian dishes that is a special in comparison to other African dishes.

Virtually all the regions of Ghana offer their own culinary special, the menu is long, but we managed to trim it down to five Ghanaian dishes you must try out.


When tourist thinks of food in Ghana, without question the first thing that comes to mind is the Chichinaga. This delicacy is one of Ghana’s choice street food. It draws some similarity with the Nigerian Suya, however the Chichinaga beats the Suya hands down.

Chichinaga is made up of cuts of spiced and peppered beef. It is usually served with rice, salad, plantain and Vegetables.


A common corn meal in Ghana, Banku is starchy food. Banku is made from grated Cassava and fermented corn. Other ingredients

include fresh fish, onion, pepper and tomatoes.

Banku is typically served as orange sized balls with meat or fried fish.


Shoko is a traditional Ghanaian dish; it is loved for its flavour and health benefits. Shoko is typically beef and spinach stew.

Other Shoko ingredients include fresh hot chili, green bell pepper, minced fresh ginger and vegetable oil.

Ghanaian Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a popular West African dish with almost a mythical history. The various national versions in Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana all claim to be the source of Jollof rice.

The Ghanaian Jollof is a clear winner; it is made with precooked rice and tomato sauce. Additional flavours in jollof include onions, pepper and diced meat. Jollof rice is usually served with Salad and a big serving of fish or meat.


Try out this classic Northern Ghana dish on your visit to Ghana. Waakye has a couple of variations with black eyed peas, rice, onion and baking soda some of the consistent ingredients.

Waakye is typically served as lunch with boiled eggs, beef and vegetables.


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