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5 Habit to Adopt as a Young Entrepreneur

Young entrepreneurs are usually very funny, and in a good way. They mostly tend to think that all the ideas are in the books, would almost readily jump at anything they hear and always make the most mistakes. Most young entrepreneurs that have gone on to make it, have passed through the school of hard knocks but that does not mean you have to go through that same school to make it. We are not saying that you would not make errors and mistakes because that is all part of the journey and the experiences, but we are saying that you could minimize that. So as a young entrepreneur, what are the five most important things to do and habits to adopt?


5 Evaluation

You just started out in the business that you have decided to invest in and you can’t afford to make mistakes. Also, as a young entrepreneur, growth (and at a fast pace too) should be your major goal that would trump every other thing or thought in your mind. Evaluate yourself and your work daily. After successful evaluations, ask yourself the question of VIP Wastes Services founder, Jesse Lear, which goes “If I live every day the way I did today, what kind of future would I create?” 

4 Expand Your Horizon

You might be young and you might just be starting out, but you have a very big edge over those that have been in the business before you. This is because while they are now rigid and stuck with their own policies, you still have the ability to experiment (within the scope of common sense though), break new barriers and check out new horizon. You might even be amazed that you would find some trick to make you better


3 Define your Goals

Without goals, you do not know where you are going and you might just be running around, sprouting blood like a headless chicken that is still coming to lay down dead. Set your goals, pick out both long term and short term goals and make sure all of the policies that you implement work on the line of these goals. That way, you have a direction, and you are the vehicle to take your business there.


2 “NO” is not a word

If you want to make it big, buy a dictionary, search for the word “no” and tear that page out today. There is no business idea that you would have that some people won’t say no to and there is no way you would go around pitching your business without hearing that word constantly. However, the word won’t hurt you if you don’t allow it get to you. When people say no, just know they mean you can get it better somewhere else.  Don’t ever give up


1 Jump

There would come a time in the life of a young entrepreneur where they would have to make the decision of either staying in the safe comfort zone that they have created for themselves or make a leap into the unknown. This is what defines you, the risk of the business, and you need to be wise enough to make leaps. Start with small bets, then as time goes on and your confidence grows, take bigger bets. Soon, your business would be leaping over the Grand Canyon – successfully.


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