Orezi Speaks on Feud With Dammy Krane

Image result for picture of dammy krane and orezi 

Image result for picture of dammy krane and orezi

Singer Esegine Allen, aka Orezi, has spoken on alleged beef with colleague Dammy Krane.

Orezi in an interview with HipTv blamed social media for the conflict.

According to him, the issue started after he saw a post of Dammy Krane addressing a hair style he recently spoke about.

When asked if they were at loggerheads, Orezi said “Well nothing serious”.

“I woke up in the morning and saw myself over all the blogs

“I saw the post of Dammy Krane and I was the only person of recent that said something about hairstyle and stuff.

“So when I heard of Dammy’s post, I felt could that mean he was talking about me.

“But I just felt like I should tap into the whole thing. Nothing serious, Dammy Krane is my guy my G.”


Caroline Danjuma Bids Final Farewell to Late Tagbo

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Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma bid farewell to her ex-boyfriend, late Tagbo Umeike who died while partying with music star, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido on his (Tagbo’s) birthday.

Miss Danjuma who had insisted that Davido had knowledge of what happened to Tagbo was the first to break the sad news. She later opened up that she was in a relationship with Tagbo before his sad death.


Writing on Instagram, the actress said: “The worst goodbyes are those when you don’t have a choice.”

She also used the T7 sign, a name for which Tagbo was known by his close friends.


Peter Okoye Talks on Possible Return of Psquare

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Vibe Magazine, Peter Okoye of P-square disclosed that there has been an ongoing family squabble between himself and his brothers, Jude and Paul for “four years” despite remaining united for the sake of their joint music business.

Recall that P-square disbanded in September after Peter resolved to walk away. He later launched his solo career by signing a distribution deal with US record label Empire, and most recently, releasing a new single ‘Cool It Down’ which has been the most trending video on YouTube since its release a few days ago.

Speaking on fresh details on the P-square infighting, he said; “Last year, nobody knew what was happening. ‘When are you guys releasing a song?’ They did not know we were fighting but we’d still go on stage and perform. All I wanted was to keep the family together but what the fans wanted was to have Psquare.

“We gave you guys Psquare even though the family had been fighting for about four years-even as of last year that we claimed we were back. I cannot even face the shame of making the fans feel that we are okay.

“We are not okay. It’s not healthy. I don’t have any problem with their own family. The wives, everybody. I am cool with them. I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know why it looks as if the hatred is on my family. I’ve tried to ask them what the problem is but nobody is telling me anything.”

While insisting that he’s after “peace,” Peter said he started speaking about the issue on social media because he didn’t want people to get the wrong impression about him or his stand on the matter.

He said: “The reason why I started responding to social media is because there was something that came out one time. I was advised “Peter do not say anything” but it’s affecting me today. When my brother put out that he sings and writes all the songs. I never responded but right now, there are 50% of our fans and some groups that believe Peter doesn’t sing. All because I wanted peace. But now if you say anything about me, I will respond.

“I don’t respond harshly if you’ve noticed. I’m not like last year. I decided to calm down because my family is more important here. I cannot trade my family. If you do not like it, don’t be my fan.”

The singer-dancer said Psquare may one day reunite, but only if the lost respect is regained. “Being apart is the best solution at the moment. It’s not pride. It’s not ego. It’s respect. We’ve lost it,” he added.

When asked if there a slight possibility that some day the P-Square we used to know can come back, he said; "Of course. When the respect is back. When you stay apart for a while, the respect will come. We’ve lost it.

"People will never understand but we’ve lost that respect. Like I said in the open letter, we will work in future but when we come back, it will be from respect. There was no respect that’s why there has been a back and forth. Aren’t you guys tired of it? If I tell you that P-Square is back now, people will say “You guys are tricking us”. Don’t play with people’s minds.

"I don’t have any problem. All I said is that, have it at the back of your minds – P-Square is for the fans. Peter, Paul. Jude and family, is family.

"People say why do I put my business on social media? If I say I am not dealing with this manager (Jude Okoye), it is for the public to know because it is the public that will still call and book a show with him.

"I give him my respect as an older brother. I don’t have a problem with that but when you disrespect me based on the job, then there’s a problem. One thing I will never do when I come back to this life again is mix family with business."


Mr Eazi Finally Receives His Brand New Car 10 Months After Winning 'Next Rated' at the Headies



Singer, Mr Eazi, has been captured on camera, receiving his car gift from the organizers of the Headies award show.

Recall that the Starboy singer, was nominated alongside Humblesmith, Ycee, and Aramide and he emerged the winner in December 2016, claiming the gift of a brand new SUV.10 months after his win, he was at the office of the organizers to receive his car and plaque.





Oritsefemi Getting Married in November


Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi, has taken to his Instagram page to announce that he would be officially tying the knot with his fiance on November 25th, 2017.

The MSN Gang henchman shared a photo of himself and his fiancée, Nabila and wrote; "It's #ON 25 November, 2017. Oritsefemi & Nabila will be having their wedding."

Weirdly, the singer decided to add prices of the various aseobi available, also giving an account number where the money should be posted.


"Aso-ebi for this great day is now out! Please know there are limited numbers, and it will be on first come, first serve. The choice is yours; Ladies: 40k or 25k. Men: Cap is just 2k.

"If you are interested, pay into; Diamanté Global Ventures, 0022378151, GTBank. Address for pick up with your invite will be sent upon receipt of payment. For more details, call Abebi on 0706 084 2366. See you there."


Why I Didn't Marry Rita Dominic - Jim Iyke

Controversial Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has revealed intimate details about his relationship with Rita Dominic. The two were an item some years back with rumours that they were preparing to get married.

Image result for picture of jim iyke and rita dominic

In a new interview with Broadway TV, he opened up on why his relationship with Rita Dominic didn’t lead to marriage. He said: "Rita and I met when I was just beginning to embrace fame, the comforts that came with it. The laurels and the distraction, even the destruction. And Rita is not the kind of woman that hangs around a growth. We were very deep with each other. We still are great friends. As a matter of fact, it may surprise you to know that we haven't spoken to each othe r in over two years. But when we meet, we are cordial and respectful."
 Image result for Rita Dominic
He added: I don't think Rita at that time was looking at longevity, truthfully. Don't forget, I was the kid with the crazy afro, ready to start a fight.
My life was around having a good time and as many conquests as possible. So, who wants that kind of guy? So this question is futuristic in a sense. Fastforward perhaps 10 years from now, that question may have had depth or hold water."
Attributing one of the reaons the relationship crashed to his wild behaviour and bad boy antics back then,he continued:
 "But then, what was there to hold on to? I mean, seriously, I was partying like a crazy person. She tried to show me another life and say listen 'there is so much more to you" I promise you that Rita will not hang around with a lay about. I was uncontrollable. I think we have outgrown each other now. I would not see Rita as some one I want to get involved with because so much layers of growth and evolvement have gone on in her life and so is mine. So place the same place and situation now, it may have worked."

Sleeping with Another Woman Who is Not Your Wife is Not Cheating -IK Ogbonna

Speaking in an exclusive inerview with BroadwayTV on Tuesday, popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna who is married with a child to Colombian wife, Sonia Morales, opened up about infidelity in relationships and said that sleeping with another woman who is not your significant other isn’t cheating.
IK said that cheating is when there is evidence of emotional attachment and feelings with someone else other than your significant other.
He said: “Cheating is not even having s*x with a woman, that is one mistake people make. Cheating is when you find yourself developing feelings for someone.
“Let me explain, if a man finds himself in a situation where he sleeps with a woman for 30minutes and he’s done and dusted and then you move on with life.
“That ceases to exist the second it ended. You only just broke your marital vows, that’s not cheating. Cheating is when you start sharing a hundred percent of you with someone else.”

I Lost My Virginity at 28 - Asa

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While speaking in an exclusive interview with Funmi Iyanda, multi-award winning Nigerian-French singer, Bukola Elemide, popularly known as Asa, revealed that she lost her virginity at 28.
In the revealing interview, the 35-year-old Asa talks about battling with depression and waiting for many years before having s*x.
She  also talked about her preference in men and admitted that she compromised on them as she got older.
On the personal interview, the singer also discussed moving past rumours about her s*xuality and “stupidly” suing someone over the matter.


19-year-old Lady Shows Off Luxury Apartment

A 19-year-old Twitter user Ari (@vrixxo), who is based in Florida, USA, has taken to the social networking platform to share the photos of her new luxurious apartment rented by her sugar daddy and advised other ladies to hop on the movement and trust God's plan.
She shared the photos and wrote; "I'm 19, moved to FL w/ 18 months rent paid in advanced, thanks to my Sugar Daddy. Hop on the movement ladies #TrustGodsPlan


Davido in Fresh Scandal

Not long ago, Davido embarked on a $30 billion tour that took him to 30 cities across the globe. However, the singer ran into troubled waters with his show promoters when he failed to turn up for a sold out show on September 1 in Colorado, USA.
Fans had indeed been angry and expressed their disgust at the failure of Davido to show up for the show. Obviously aware that there could be a backlash, the singer went online on September 2 to apologise to his fans.
In a snap chat message, he declared that he would have been arrested for credit card fraud like fellow musician, Dammy Krane, had he come for the show. He stated that it was in a bid to avoid being “Dammy Krane” that made him not to appear in Colorado.
“Damn they almost Dammy Kraned me smh! Can’t make the show in Colorado tonight! We were at the airport for five hours. I’m so sorry! It was out of our hands and there was nothing we could do. I will do all I can to make it up to you guys… God bless,” he stated.
However, Davido’s apology did little to assuage frayed nerves. In a swift reaction, the organiser, BME, had carpeted the musician, stating that he deliberately missed the show, while dubbing him a liar.
According to BME, three flights had been booked for Davido consecutively but he bluntly failed to honour any of them, under the guise that he was doing a photo shoot, while he was actually partying.
BME said: “We attempted to book a fourth flight for Davido but Davido failed to accept the fourth flight arrangement, stating that he wanted a direct flight into Denver. We could not get him a direct flight to Denver, as there were none; all that was available was connecting flights. Davido, who bluntly refused to make his flight three times, then posted on his snapchat that he was not going to make it to Colorado! We don’t owe Davido. He breached his contract!”
Disappointed and fuming, Ayodele Akindele, a staunch fan of Davido based in Colorado, had stated: “It is obvious that Davido is not telling the truth. That he was arrested is probably an excuse just to get off the hook. We all came out and bought tickets for his show only for him to abandon us; it is so sad.”
Another fan of Davido, Balkissa Saidou, said: “(Davido) stole my money, wasted my time and didn’t even have the decency to be honest to the guests. So disappointed.”
And for Dan Asima, Davido simply took his fans for granted. “It is sad that Davido chose to go parting while his fans here in Colorado were waiting for him. It is so sad.”
Meanwhile, in order to assuage fans, BME had organised another concert for October 16 featuring P-Square. It was a free show. But lots of music fans were not assuaged by BME’s option. An angry Ashley Reynolds fumed:
“This means nothing to me! You guys still haven’t resolved anything. And to sum it up, you guys try and bring another artiste out here when the first one never came. You guys trying to butter people up with a free concert. (This) isn’t going to make people forget how you’ve wronged us. Nor will it bring our money back to our wallets.”
-Sunday Sun


Actress MoeshaI - Like to Date Old Men Because They Take Good Care Of Me

Image result for picture of moesha boduongActress, Moesha Boudong has revealed why she prefers to date older men instead of young handsome dudes. The Ghanaian actress said the reason is because old men stick to one woman at a time.

Speaking further Moesha revealed that she hates dating young boys because they are great womanizers who will wrench the hearts of girls. The actress said old men are more caring and can take good care of her.

She said “I like dating people who are 10 years older or 5 years older than me, I just think grown-ups treat you better, I’ve never been lucky with young guys, … they like girls too much so I prefer older men because they are more matured and teach you a lot of things..’’.

She also disclosed that she does not need a man who is extra rich but rather a man who can take good care of her.

“I don’t want an extra rich person in terms of money but someone who can take care of me and support me, I work but I still need someone to take care of me...’’


DJ Olu Would Want Us to Move on - Mayorkun Speaks After Funeral

While speaking in an exclusive interview with the hosts of #EntSplash, King Hojay & Ariyike Dimples, on TV Continental in Lagos on Thursday, singer, Mayorkun opened up on the funeral of DJ Olu.
Speaking about the sudden death of the son of a billionaire businessman, Mayorkun who is signed to Davido's DMW Music said; “The burial didn’t go so well because everybody started breaking down, but we move on. Olu would want us to move on.”
The singer who also spoke on his latest hit single ‘Mama’, said that it was just one of the random songs he was recording. “I feel great that ‘Mama’ made it this big, when I was recording the song, I was just doing it as random song.”
While reacting to people saying the song, ‘Mama’ sounds like a Davido’s song, Mayorkun said;
“I don’t know how people listen to music, well people talk, but then again it’s music. I don’t think it sounds like Davido’s ‘Fall’, I just did my own music.
“I should be dropping my album next year, but before the end of December, I would be dropping plenty of singles.”

Why I Broke Up with Victor Anichebe

Nigerian music produce and Draughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy has revealed that she has ended her relationship with Nigerian striker, Victor Anichebe.

Speaking to BeatFM, she disclosed that the breakup was due to time difference as he lives in China while she is in London

According to her, they resolved to be friendly exes. She said “I literally do not have a boo. I and Victor are not together anymore. The picture I put up recently was a picture of us when we were together. We are still friends. People find it so weird.”
“I feel like we just, He lives in China, I moved here. Time difference. It was really difficult.

”Anyone that knows footballers know that their schedules are crazy and my schedule is also crazy. So it was just difficult but he is such a great guy”.

She, however, said she hasn’t found anyone yet and also not looking for anyone right now because she is concentrating on her career.

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