Paula Patton calls 911 over son’s visit to his dad, Robin Thicke

The once happy family The once happy family

It looks like Nollywood actress Paula Patton and her ex-husband, Singer, Robin Thicke are still at war over the custody of their 6 year-old son, Julian. According to TMZ, Paula Patton and her nanny had to place a call to 911 requesting police assistance after her child became hysterical at the thought of visiting his dad.


The audio recording of the call was obtained by TMZ and a female voice could be heard pleading with the 911 operator that they have a restraining order and that restrained person is within the distance of the restraining order.

"We have a restraining order. The person is within distance of the restraining order so is in violation of it currently… it is agreed upon that he will not come to the park until we are gone, and then he comes. This child is literally begging me and everyone else to call 911. That’s how much he does not want to go."


Read TMZ report below...


Paula Patton's nanny told a 911 dispatcher her son was a wreck every time a visit with Robin Thicke loomed.

Cops were called as 6-year-old Julian sat in his mother's car at a Malibu park, unwilling to take the visit with his dad who was waiting nearby.


You hear the nanny describe what she says are the child's fears whenever Robin has a scheduled visit. DCFS is investigating claims Robin used excessive physical punishment on Julian.

Robin has said Paula has tried driving a wedge between him and his son and is guilty of emotional abuse.


As we reported, in the last week Robin and Paula have tried to settle rather than fight, and they are on the verge of working out a custody arrangement they both find acceptable.

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