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The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Accra Featured

The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Accra

Accra may not have the sophistication and the haute reputation of Paris, the luxury of New York or the elegance of fashion artisans in Milan. Yet, there is no denying the artistic genius of this African fashion protégé City.

A quick glance at the streets of Ghana beams a daily dynamic runway of young, hip and trendy youths. The urban culture has cultivated style that is celebrated yearly during the Accra Fashion Week.
Accra Fashion Week celebrates talented African designers; it brings a swarm of Designers, buyers, Models, fashion journalist and fashion lovers descending on Ghana’s Capital.
Accra Fashion Week (AFWK) 2016 is centered on making fashion design into profitable art, creating businesses and harnessing the growing network of fashion buyers.The catwalk shows, trade shows and fashion parties in Accra city creates the atmosphere for Designers and buyers to mingle.While most Accra Fashion Week shows are only accessible to industry professionals, the city has its way of catering to fashion lovers all year round. So if you happen to be in  Ghana this spring,  find time to explore the fashion landscape of Ghana.

Get dressed to impress even as you head out to experience the local fashion scene of Accra:

  • Our first stop is at the Vlisco store at the Accra Mall. This home of fashion is run by Dutch owned Vlisco, a trendsetter in Wax fabric designs. The store features the work of top designers expressing their art through Vlisco fabrics. This colourful gallery sells clothes, fashion accessories, Shoes and Bags.
  • The popular Viva Boutique is the next hangout, recently launched in the Marina Mall, Osu. The boutique stocks contemporary Ghanaian fashion wears and globally respected designers such as Zara, Prada, Kurt Geiger and Gucci. The Osu vicinity is one of the best places to spot that fashion inspiration you’ve been yearning.
  • The RenéeQ label continues to reinvent the fashion in Ghana, with its top of the line fashion boutique now by the Trade fair, Accra. RenéeQ Boutique stocks custom made T-shirts, Jewellery accessories, couture pieces, traditional beads and pearls.
  • The Christie Brown Boutique simplifies sophistication and elegance the brand stands for. The high-design boutique is the home a glimmer to what the Christie Brown Label offerings. The Label is renowned for blending African prints in high- Street and contemporary wears. The Christie Brown Label is featured on European runways and stocked by top boutiques abroad.



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