Becoming an  author just got simplified by Ekodaily.                                                                                                                                  Users of this site who are registered have the opportunity of publishing their storiesarticlesvideosand Photos to this site for FREE!!!

clicking on  the write article orsubmit article button of the HOME page. All that is required of you is user registration. Inside  EKO add item, Type you .story, add your pictures and  add videos

   * Write a proposal or story that is or will be no more than

 1,500 words in length and has not been published elsewhere. An   article will not be considered if it is considered to be sponsored by organization with an interest in the subject of an article.

*  Write a proposal or article that is or will be no more than 1,500 words in length and has not been published elsewhere.

*  Determine which section of the would be the most appropriate for the article or proposal submission. Sections include

NEWS: local news, World news, Football, fashion, politics, football, business and health.

ENTERTAINMENT: TV and Cinemas, Weddings and Parties Beauty and makeup

FOOTBALL:  EPL, LA LIGA, Bundesliga, SERIE A, Ligue 1, International Football            

ART: Comedy, Comics, Theaters and Galleries

BUSINESS: The Economy, The commodity market, The stock market.

ADVISOR: Real estate advisor, Car advisor, Shopping advisor, Career advisor ,Phones and PC advisor .

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