Not so popular Tourist attraction in Ghana

Not so popular Tourist attraction in Ghana

There are some tourist attraction in Ghana that you definitely won't miss: the Black star (Independence) square, the Kwame Nkrumah memorial park, Labadi beach Resort and the Elmina Castle.These are the places everyone expects you to visit while in Ghana.However, there are some breathtaking places that don't make the front page of travel guide magazines. Some of these hidden treasures are only known by the locals.Inspired by a quick survey of locals, I put together a list of my top 5 hidden tour destinations in Ghana.

The Takoradi Harbour
Established in 1928, the Takoradi port served as the channel for passengers traveling along the West Africa - Europe routes. Located in the industrial district of Sekondi-Takoradi, the port mainly handles exports of commodities such as Cocoa, timber, bauxite and Manganese. While the port is not a traditional tourist attraction, it has its fans, who enjoy the dynamics of goods moving in and out of the country through this gate way.

The Crocodile Ponds of Paga
Paga hosts a sacred crocodile sanctuary located in the north-eastern part of Ghana. The people of Paga believe the spirits of their ancestors inhabit these crocodile. This unusual friendly relationship between the crocodiles and humans is overwhelming and many visitors find it difficult to comprehend. It is an offence to kill or harm the crocodiles at Paga. Other tourist attractions in this area include the mystery dam of Kayoro called Kukula, the Paga-Nania slave camp and the Nasaga Game Reserve. These tourists’ attractions quite close to Burkina-Faso. The friendly people of Paga offer guests accommodation, it however more convenient to book a hotel room.


Bonwire, Ashanti region
Bonwire is about 15km from Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The area is popular for the weaving and production of Kente. The Kente weave has been branded the best textile to come out of Africa. Kente originates from the word kenten, which means “basket.” The people of the Ashanti Kingdom call it Nwentoma (woven cloth). The Kente is a very prestigious royal cloth worn only on extremely important occasions. This unique material was initially worn by the royals and chiefs. However, its use has become more widespread yet it still held in very high esteem by Akans and all Ghanaians. In Ghana, woven kente is made by the Akan people; Fante, Asante and Nzema. The unique Asante kente is identified by its beautiful, multicolored patterns of bright colors and exquisite shapes.

The Ostrich Farm at Efutu Mampong
The Ostrich farm is located in Efutu Mampong about 15km from the Cape Coast. The ostriches found there are some of the world’s largest living birds and are distinct for their very long necks and heavy eggs. Ostriches live up to between 30-70 years on average. A visit to the farm is generally very interesting and adventurous because one can walk right up to them, touch them, feed and hold an ostrich egg. Other tourist attractions around this place include the Kakum National Park and the Umbrella Rock.

Lighthouse, Jamestown- Accra
The Lighthouse in Jamestown is surrounded by a village-like settlement almost entirely inhabited by fisher-folk. This colonial-era lighthouse was built in the 1930’s. It has no gift shops or extraordinarily amazing historic items and antiques but the panoramic view from the top is simply breath-taking. A couple of wooden boats and canoes carefully arranged at the shores gives a deep insight into the predominant occupation of the community. It is also very close to tourist attractions such as the Ga-Mantse Palace, the James Fort, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and the Accra Sports Stadium.

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