Teenage Girl Dies Leaving Behind Shocking Letter and Will


16-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Umar, who died on Friday, October 27, 2017 after a brief illness in Kaduna state, has left family and friends in deep sorrow and shocking state as she left a touching note behind.

The news was made known to the world by her brother who shared the sad news on Facebook.

Aisha wrote a heartfelt letter before her death. The letter which contained a message of forgiveness, condolence along with her will known as Wasiyya, was written by the teenager in Hausa before her death on Friday.

In her letter, the teenager asked her parents to forgive her as she passed on other messages to families, relatives and teachers and schoolmates.

Aisha in her letter also asked her relatives and teachers to stand on her grave to pray for her after she was buried. She then compiled a list of her teachers and colleagues and schools who are to receive the letter.



The young lady also reportedly named her debtor who was urged to pay in the letter/will.

Reports say people have been trooping into the girl’s Badarawa neighbourhood in Kaduna to read the shocking letter which is said to have contained many important lessons.

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