Senate rejects Magu as EFCC Chairman, Again

Senate rejects Magu as EFCC Chairman, Again

The Senate has again dismisses the assignment of Ibrahim Magu as the substantive administrator of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, after the State Security Service, SSS, reaffirmed its position that the chosen one needs respectability to lead the nation’s hostile to defilement organization.


Mr. Magu was dismisses on Wednesday, after appearance before the Senate for his affirmation hearing amid which Dino Melaye raised the SSS report dated March 14.

“In the light of the prior, Magu has fizzled the trustworthiness test and will in the end constitute an obligation to the counter defilement remain of the present government,” the SSS report, read by Mr. Melaye, expressed.


In spite of the fact that Mr. Magu had offered an explanation as per the general inclination of administrators prior inquiries he was asked, legislators tested his appropriateness given the report against him by the SSS.


Mr. Magu scrutinized the validity of the SSS which he said dispatched two reports on him with changing substance same day.

“What do you say in regards to validity of that organization?” he questioned.

PREMIUM TIMES had in December announced how the SSS had before submitted two opposing reports, one endorsing Mr. Magu’s affirmation and the other asking he be rejected.


The Senate had then rejected Mr. Magu’s affirmation in light of the report disparaging of him.

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