Ghana is a country known for its enchanting landscapes, exotic cultures, stunning beaches and rich history.My vacation experience in Ghana still gives me goose bumps; this compels me to return again and always. However, traveling around Ghana can be a stressful and difficult experience for first time travelers. When embarking on such adventures travelers often ask “How am I going to get around?” and “How will I find Accommodation in Ghana?”

Air Travel
The Kotoka International Airport, Accra serves international flights in and out of the country. The local flight enables visitors to experience the whole of Ghana in 24hrs. It’s also a pretty pricey option and will leave a dent on your savings. However, if Ghana is in your bucket list, its local airports include Takoradi Airport, Tamale Airport and Sunyani Airport. 

Public Buses
Traveling on Public buses is for long intercity journeys. These traveling buses are generally comfortable and safe. When traveling within Cities the main source of transportation is the mini buses termed “trotro”. Trotro mini buses are a very cheap way to get around; however, they don’t leave bus station until they are full.Traveling by bus allows you to

engage with other passengers and understand the local’s everyday life. Most bus trips are filled with laughter and conversation with Ghanaians, who go out of their way to make sure that visitors are comfortable.

Car Hire

Hiring a car is expensive, so make sure you have decided on the game parks you want to visit, so you can plan and reduce fuel expenses. While public transport is cheap and fun, it’s less safe and comfortable. Hiring a car an expensive choice, it however ensures you have freedom and experience the country at your own pace. Cost of fuel, fuel station location and getting lost  are added variables of the car hire option.On my Ghana vacation, I hired a car for all intercity trips, which made for a relaxed, flexible, and private experience. Always remember to carefully consider your budget and safety interests before making a choice.

City Taxis

City taxis are the best choice of transportation within towns and cities in Ghana. There are almost 6,000 Taxis in the capital Accra and finding quite easy. However, in the country’s remote regions getting a taxi might be a Herculean task.Top hotels offer concierge taxi calls and may offer you a tip or two when trying to get aroundTaxi drivers in Ghana are reputed to be Knowledgeable and friendly, they're dedicated to helping you Ghana. The driver understands the thrill of touring and accommodates most travelers’ interests, enquires, Photo stops or hotel recommendations.

Hotels in Ghana

Finding the best hotels with spacious rooms and modern hotel facilities in Ghana is a necessity than Luxury. It ensures you sleep well and not spend hours in traffic or have to wake up hours earlier to reach your tour destination. For budget travelers, there are cheap hotels near Accra Airport such as African Regent Hotel, City Escape Hotels and Airside Hotel. Find hotels with airport pickup, free Wi-Fi, flight booking and concierge servicesGet a hotel recommendation from your taxi driver or better yet, visit on your mobile device to choose based on reviews, hotel popularity or cost.



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