5 Habits of highly enjoyable vacations Featured

5 Habits of highly enjoyable vacations

Travel writers always talk about where to go when you travel, must see attractions, what to do etc. What they always leave out is the habits of traveler. Every year when going on vacation there are lots of traveler mistakes that lead to lost time and money.

The funny parts of these mistakes are that they can easily be habitual and repeated over and over again.

Carry original copies of traveler’s documents

You don’t necessary have to travel with your original or photocopied document, it’s safer to have some locked up before traveling. Rather, take advantage of cloud and web services in uploading your scanned documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive etc. A simpler method is simply saving the scanned documents in the drafts section of your mail.

This allows you accessibility, in case there is a loss of your physical copies. This certainly has saved lots of people from getting stranded.



Pack as lightly as possible

Whether you are going on a short or long vacation, you should avoid over packing. Always check the weight of your hand luggage it is the main culprit for most travelers.

You will not only get stressed out pulling your luggage but will also be paying for the extra weights.  Packing light makes your vacation more fun because you can do some shopping without worry of how to carry them.


Charge all electronic devices

Your means of communication can be as important a s your travel documents sometimes.

It is advisable to charge your phone before takeoff, travel with a mobile power pack if possible and always leave you phone on.

A disadvantage to charging your devices in public places like the airport is that you may or have them stolen


Booking your accommodation

Most travelers still take the risk of arriving in their destination before searching for accommodations. When travelling once you’ve confirmed your travelling Visa, your next action should be booking your flight and accommodation.The best hotel deals are easy to find using online booking websites like

Travellers who booked earlier by as much as two month have reported as much as 40 percent off hotel costs.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Some travelers cannot do without alcohol on their trips. It is however important to stay self regulated on such trips. There has been cases of drunk tourists being arrested at the airport and deported, embarrassed families, lost properties and many more to drinking.

Alcohol intake makes you more fatigued, dehydrated and unstable.

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