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7 Tips for an affordable vacation abroad Featured

7 Tips for an affordable vacation abroad

Taking a vacation abroad is an opportunity to surround ourselves with new experiences, food and traditions. I am here to tell you how doable that dream of yours in resorts or safari’s is.

Every year for quite a while now I make my African Safari and resort Vacations (nay Adventures) my way of reanimating during summer.

My recent Vacation to Ghana on a budget clearly backs these 7 tips to make your dreams of an affordable vacation a reality.


Customize Your Own Trip

Jumping on the bandwagon of travel packages is not a good idea in 2016. The available information online makes it easy for travelers to tailor-make their own trips.


Months prior to your vacation subscribe to travel magazines, bookmark websites and content available on your destination.

Having a custom trip enables you to choose the places you are interested in while also eliminating costs that comes with the typical travel packages.


Create a Budget Estimate

Just after deciding on your destination, do some research online for flight reservation, travel insurance and hotel booking websites; get a big picture of the your vacation.

Also visit local travel blogs online to get an idea of your daily expense which range from food, transportation to entrance fees.


Save, Save and Save some more

At the end of every month set aside a certain amount of money. While you could do this with a funds box, I would advise you to open a special Savings account with withdrawal penalties in your bank.

If you are serious about traveling, you must start cutting down on your current spending habits to accommodate this vacation.


Booking Early Is Key

Experience has taught me that the earlier you book at least 10 weeks in advance, the higher your chances are of getting cheaper rates for flight and accommodation even when demand is high.

Since cheaper is better for you, start your Visa applications earlier and make reservations as soon as you get your visa.


Be Flexible With Your Plans

Make your booking/reservations early, this allows you to be flexible with your plans. If after your detailed analysis you decide that your destination is unaffordable, or at high demand (probably crowded), you can always make use of plan B.


Travel Off-Season

For most things including travel, the higher the demand the more it costs. When deciding on the time of year to travel, choose the Shoulder-Season which occurs just before or after the peak periods. You should, however research properly to avoid having your vacation during a period of bad weather or the dullest months.

Avoid Spending Too Much On Accommodation


If it's your honeymoon, you can cross this off the list. If not don’t waste your money on accommodation. On my last trip, after getting my flight ticket, I used an Online Booking Agency to find the best suitable hotel. I simply did a search for Hotels in Kumasi and selected bookmarked the best location and facilities such as swimming pools, Satellite Television and Wi-Fi.

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