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Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Hotels Featured

Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Hotels


Going on vacation is typically costly; the cost of hotel accommodation stops some people from taking that summer vacation they truly deserve. However with a few hotel booking tricks you can get the good rooms for the best possible price. These tips will help you drastically reduce your accommodation budget and free up cash for other needs.

Compare prices with hotel booking websites

Booking hotels online is the easiest way to compare prices and choose the best hotel rooms. While you could visit the website of hotels the area you are visiting, this could take some time. Instead make use of hotel booking sites such as Bookings.com, Jovago, Kayak and tripadvisor.com, this way you can easily view the prices on the same page to make choosing easier.

Using this websites you can be specific and search for facilities such as gymnasium, indoor swimming pool or Spa parlors.

Search for travel packages

The typical package is an over budget, when for searching on a budget be very specific on your needs. The advantage of travel packages is the bundling together of accommodation transportation and tourist excursions.

Be sure to find travel packages especially if it's a family or group vacation, this will save you a significant sum.


Search for coupons and Vouchers online

Search for hotel deals on coupon sites like Dealdey to easily save money. Select the applicable coupon and use it when making your hotel reservations.

Hotel reservation websites; Jovago also offer booking vouchers with the cheapest rooms guarantee. Coupons are great however be sure to check expiry date and coupon validity.

Contacting the hotel directly

Comparing the websites online can let you enjoy several booking deals online. You might be lucky to get a better deal by cutting off your agent

Place a direct call or email the service desk to make enquires for promotions, seasonal discounts and mention prices found online, this might cause the hotel to make you a competing offer.

Visit in the off season

Hotels charge more when there is more demand, it's simply business! Do proper research before traveling to a popular location during the peak period. You might be there on business and be forced to pay hefty fees because of an ongoing local festival.


The summer period is usually the peak for travel, during this period flight, accommodation and even souvenirs won't come cheap.

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